Heathbourne Green

Striving to set a new benchmark for the future of ageing and living in the UK

Following an exemplary and comprehensive pre-application consultation process, Trulocom has submitted a planning application (reference: 24/0692/OUTEI) to Hertsmere Borough Council. Register your support for our proposals here.

Trulocom is part of TLC Group, an award-winning care home operator and developer. With years of experience in delivering high-quality care services, they understand the unique needs and aspirations of an ageing population more than most. Trulocom has learned from national and international best practice and commissioned new research from the country’s leading institutions in the ageing and inclusive design sector to create much-needed innovative homes and an organic intergenerational community that supports healthy ageing. The proposals have also undergone extensive design critique review processes, assessed against national design codes and dementia design standards. This knowledge has formed the basis for the evolution of the Heathbourne Green vision and its pioneering design-led approach. There has been no blueprint or precedent that combines the lessons learnt, until now.

Our Vision

Heathbourne Green strives to set a new benchmark for the future of healthy ageing and living in the UK. Trulocom are working to create an exemplar age-friendly inclusive community through housing and placemaking that is aspirational and innovative, that meets the needs of a diverse ageing population through different levels of activity and care, and adds to the quality of life by reducing dependency on healthcare and social services through Social Prescribing.

The development proposals for Heathbourne Green are underpinned by four pillars, which guide all aspects of the development:


Providing accessible opportunities for preventative health management and high-quality medical facilities.


Providing a range of opportunities for wellbeing-focussed leisure and recreational activities.


Providing opportunities for social connections and learning.


Ensuring deliverability by supporting small businesses and social enterprise, and creating job opportunities.

By incorporating the above, the proposed intergenerational nature of the development will bridge the divide between older and younger generations, where people can age with vibrancy and dignity in surroundings that allow them to feel part of a larger, diverse community, adding to their healthy years.

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