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We are committed to ensuring that those that live and work in Hertsmere not only have the opportunity to help shape the future plans and vision but also work alongside us to collaborate in the creation of Heathbourne Green.

Over the past 18 month we have been listening, engaging and communicating with residents and organisations across the borough to truly understand the local need in Hertsmere and Bushey:

  • Social Online Listening (Sept 2022) to gather qualitative data about what really matters to local residents when it comes to health, housing and community.
  • Local Resident Focus Groups (Oct 2022) with families, older people and cultural groups to understand what ‘home’ and ‘ageing’ means to them.
  • Borough and County Wide Surveys (Nov 2022) collating over 500+ responses to understand how residents feel about their current housing and their future housing needs.
  • Employer Surveys (Mar-Oct 2023) completed by prominent Hertsmere organisations providing insight into the requirements for affordable key worker housing in Bushey.
  • Third Sector and Charity Engagement (Oct 22-Oct 23) with over 150+ organisations across the county and borough, understanding their challenges and ways we can support their growth and expansion.
  • Design Charettes (Jan- April 2023) – a peer review bringing together respected architects to critique and help to shape the emerging design of Heathbourne Green.
  • Borough Wide Community Listening (July – August 2023) – Working with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design and Oxford Ageing, as well as door knocking finding out how local residents and businesses feel about where they live, what they love and what could be improved.
  • Health & Community Workshops (Oct 23) – Upcoming and to be held to help shape the scheme.

Feedback from our ongoing community engagement has provided an understanding of how residents in Hertsmere feel about ageing within the local area, what aspects of the area appeal to them, and what aspects might need improvement. Feedback was also sought to understand the challenges people face as they get older, including in relation to social isolation, loneliness, living with dementia and the suitability of their current housing.

Trulocom believes in putting people first, ensuring we are creating a community that benefits existing and future residents. We have developed, and continue to develop, open and honest relationships with the local community and with local stakeholders to work closely to develop ideas and curate exciting new ways of working and placemaking.


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Social Online Listening

(September 2022)

Trulocom conducted a research exercise with a focus on Bushey and the surrounding area to start to understand the local community, including their general likes and dislikes, and to generate recommendations for the development of an intergenerational community in Bushey. This utilised local social media as well as within local blogs and online forums.

Our research found that the local environment, community, and wellness are key conversation drivers, and that the local community strives for outstanding outdoor spaces that provide socialisation and mobilisation for all, including older residents. An increase in multi-faith community spaces, retail areas, as well as community-building opportunities were also commonly cited as being highly regarded and needed in the local area.

Local Resident Focus Groups

(October 2022)

In October 2022, Trulocom held three focused online discussions with members of the later living community; local young families; and local Jewish and Hindu residents.

These focus groups allowed Trulocom to gain insight into the types of audiences that a development like Heathbourne Green could serve as well as the various property types and tenure, outdoor spaces, layout preferences, and parking features that might be desired by the local community.

Overall, it was clear from the focus groups that property ownership is generally preferred, with spacious living areas, large amounts of green space, and property types that can be future-proofed for energy efficiency.

Borough and County Wide Surveys

(November 2022)

In partnership with Conductor, an online survey was carried out with circa 35 questions to the potential target audience, which focused on a range of age groups aged 25 and over, coming from Hertsmere, Watford, Three Rivers, Barnet, and Harrow. The survey was undertaken to understand the housing concerns and aspirations of those who might live at Heathbourne Green, as well as what might appeal to them in a scheme such as this. Over 500 responses were collected from around Hertsmere and the surrounding area.

Overall, over 80% of adults living in the surveyed area reported that a new development such as the one proposed at Heathbourne Green would be either ‘appealing’ or ‘very appealing’. Amongst those that would consider living in a new development such as Heathbourne Green, the top reasons why they would consider it were: The sense of safety created by a development of this nature (82%); the focus on wellbeing and positive lifestyle (80%); and its closeness to nature (79%). Over half mentioned reasons associated with both age-diversity and ethnic-diversity – the fact that Heathbourne Green would be a part of a more ethnically diverse community focused on intergenerational living.

Employer Surveys

(March – October 2023)

We have spoken to organisations across Hertsmere on current and possible future housing challenges for their employees (including key workers not involved in the delivery of health and social care), and using this to help identify ways in which affordable housing provision for workers in the local area can be improved.

Third Sector and Charity Engagement

(October 2022 – October 2023)

We have spent valuable time engaging with NGOs and Third Sector organisations across the borough and county, understanding their impactful work and exploring ways in which we can help work together for the benefit of the community.

We are also part of the Live Longer Better Hertfordshire revolution, advocating the importance of Active Ageing across the county.

Design Charettes

(January – April 2023)

In addition to our internal, borough and county wide Design Review Panels, we have conducted peer reviews with respected architects from across the UK to critique our designs, which keeps us focused on creating a truly ememplar scheme.

Borough Wide Community Listening

(July – August 2023)

Partnering with the Royal College of Art, Trulocom’s team held a series of street stalls and conducted a door-knocking exercise in various locations across Hertsmere to ascertain the views of local residents in respect of living and ageing in the borough. Over 200 responses were received.

Overall, residents reported that whilst they rated their local area highly, there were aspects that could be improved, such as the local retail amenities, the local highway network, and increasing the quality and quantity of social care provision, particularly for older people. Furthermore, many residents commented that their existing home may not be suitable for their needs in the future and that rightsizing might be the preferred option when exploring next steps as an alternative to moving into a care home.

Health Workshops

(October 2023)

We hosted a virtual workshop to better understand the need for healthcare provisions in Bushey and the greater Hertsmere community. We were joined by professionals from across the healthcare sector, including Sunnyside Rural Trust, Green Connection, Hertsmere County Council, and the University of Oxford. During the workshop, discussions were raised on the importance of aging well, and how this can be facilitated at Heathbourne Green. Overall, the need for amenities and services for people suffering from dementia was an important topic, in addition to the ways in which Trulocom’ s proposals can help combat social isolation and support people to maintain their independence as they age through a supportive community and intergenerational living.  Furthermore, attendees commented on the benefits of social prescribing, and how a holistic approach to health and wellbeing can support the NHS.

Engaging the next generation

(November 2023)

Trulocom and TLC Care hosted a stand at Generation Hertsmere, a careers fair where close to 800 students from secondary schools in the borough attended to discover more about their future career options. We used this opportunity to engage with students aged 15-18 years old from across the borough to gather their thoughts on ageing, age friendly places, what makes intergenerational interaction meaningful to them and understanding what they value most as they age.


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Wider Community Workshop

We will be hosting a workshop which will be held for the wider community, alongside our more formal public consultation. For more information, please register your interest on our website here.

Public Consultation

For more information about our public consultation, register your interest on our website here.

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