Our Vision

Welcome to our consultation for Heathbourne Green, an opportunity to set a new benchmark for the future of ageing and living in the UK, with Bushey Heath leading the way for residents of Hertsmere.

We are keen to hear and understand the thoughts of residents on the issues connected with the ageing population and what is missing from the local area to ensure that Heathbourne Green is a thriving community that benefits both new and existing, younger and older residents alike.

Our vision for Heathbourne Green is to create a new landscape-led sustainable and multi-generational community in Hertsmere that embodies the principles of ageing well in a happy and healthy way. The proposals seek to create an intergenerational community set in an attractive landscape that brings people together in a natural environment in purposeful ways, promoting shared activities and social relationships. We aim to deliver an exemplar, age-friendly, integrated extension to Bushey Heath that will not only support Hertsmere in meeting the needs of its ageing population but will also improve the wellbeing and quality of life of all people living in the area.

Our healthy place-based approach is designed around the interdependent pillars of:

Health: Accessible and high-quality medical facilities, providing primary and community care focussed on prevention before cure

Wellness: A range of leisure and recreational activities and extensive nature and green spaces, contributing positively to physical and emotional wellbeing

Lifestyle: Opportunities for social integration and learning, bringing together multiple generations to foster a sense of community at all ages

Enterprise: Supporting the local economy through social enterprise, creating jobs for all ages.

By incorporating these pillars into the vision, the proposed intergenerational nature of Heathbourne Green will bridge the divide between younger and older generations, where people can age in a community with vibrancy and dignity in a home that is right for them. Our proposals will enable residents to feel part of a larger, diverse community, adding to their healthy years and allowing them to stay happier and healthier in their homes for longer.

Trulocom – Who We Are

Trulocom, part of TLC group, is an operator and developer in the social care sector, and a specialist in older people’s housing and housing with care. We currently operate nine award winning care facilities across London and the South East, each with a focus on enriching residents’ lives and providing an outstanding level of care. Our local experience and integration with the local community sets us apart from developers and housebuilders and provides us with a platform to set new standards for a new community which recognises and meets local needs.

Core Team

Our project team includes experts in their specialist fields to deliver a groundbreaking development of exemplar quality.

Tackling today’s housing and health crisis


  • The UK’s elderly population is growing, the Government predicts that 25% of the population will be over 65 by 2041, up from 18.6% today. 
  • Despite this, there is a severe and growing shortage of specialist retirement housing and demand is forecast to outstrip supply by 37% by 2040. 
  • The majority of the UK’s existing stock is not designed to meet our needs as we age, leading to increased risk of falls in the home, social isolation and NHS backlogs as local councils struggle to find homes with the right level of support  as people recover from illness. 
  • If the supply of age-friendly homes were to be increased, it is estimated that 50,000 fewer new homes would need to be built each year as better choice would result in fewer people under-occupying family homes. 
  • The UK’s housing crisis can also impact the care we receive as we age, with many of those who work in the care sector being unable to access the local housing markets as rental levels and mortgage rates outstrip wages. 
  • The gap between social rents and market rents is increasing, making accessing the housing market challenging for those in lower income roles, including key workers. 


  • In Hertsmere, there is projected to be a 44% increase in the 65+ population to 2036. 
  • 28,000 Hertsmere households are under occupying their homes, with 8,318 households under occupying family homes in Bushey. 
  • There are over 9,000 key workers living in Hertsmere, many of whom are eligible for social housing but are unlikely to be allocated an affordable home due to current lack of delivery. 
  • An ageing population will increase requirements on already stretched health and care services in the Borough. 
  • There is a significant undersupply of housing locally in the borough. The Hertsmere Local Plan states that “the minimum annual local housing need set out in Planning Practice Guidance indicates a need for the delivery of 724 homes a year” 
  • Between 2020 and 2036, there is a predicted increase of 61% of dementia cases, and 55% in mobility problems in Hertsmere. 
  • There are no rehabilitation facilities available within a 45-minute drive of Heathbourne Green. 

The benefits of Extra Care housing provision 

How are these challenges impacting Hertsmere residents? 

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