New community connections 

A key part of our vision is to create a connected and accessible community. We have placed mobility at the heart of the development to achieve just this. 

The site, bounded by Elstree Road, Heathbourne Road, and the M1, currently has limited public access except for an eastern public footpath (part of the London LOOP long-distance route). While buses do pass by, the existing stops lack adequate facilities. 

On site and off-site pedestrian and cycling enhancements are proposed to promote healthy movement within Heathbourne Green but also to connect with the wider neighbourhood of Bushey, creating safe walking and cycling routes. 

As part of the proposals, we are actively engaging with Hertfordshire County Council as well as local bus operators, Sullivan, and TfL to agree a strategy for providing new bus services to the site and the surrounding area. These will be secured by way of financial contribution as part of a Section 106 agreement with Hertsmere. Part of our proposal to improve the local highway network also includes making enhancements to the mini-roundabout junction at Elstree Road and Heathbourne Road to improve traffic flow. 

The proposals aim to integrate with the Bushey community by removing barriers, establishing connections, and providing open space for the immediate and local community. In order to achieve this, we will implement the following measures: 

Improvements to bus services and increased frequencies and more reliable journey times 

A safe and more efficient junction at Elstree Road and Heathbourne Road to reduce queuing times for car traffic and improve safety for other road users 

Safe walking routes across the site and into neighbouring local centres 

Level paving throughout the site to ensure accessibility for all 

Cycle parking and safe cycling infrastructure to promote active travel 

Protection and enhancement of the existing LOOP 

Provide attractive green space 

Provide safe natural places for children to play 

Provide places to dwell on journeys within the site 

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