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We are committed to ensuring that those that live and work in Hertsmere not only have the opportunity to help shape the future plans and vision but also work alongside us to collaborate in the creation of Heathbourne Green. Through a series of community-focused engagement programmes, Trulocom has built an understanding of the wants and needs of both the local and surrounding community to create proposals that deliver for new and existing residents alike. We have been listening, engaging and communicating with residents and organisations across the borough to truly understand the local need in Hertsmere and Bushey: 

Social Online Listening (Sept 2022) – Gathering qualitative data about what really matters to local residents when it comes to health, housing and community. 

Local Resident Focus Groups (Oct 2022) – With families, older people and cultural groups to understand what ‘home’ and ‘ageing’ means to them. 

Borough and County Wide Surveys (Nov 2022) – Collating over 500 responses to understand how residents feel about their current housing and their future housing needs. 

Employer Surveys (Mar-Oct 2023) – Completed by prominent Hertsmere organisations providing insight into the requirements for affordable key worker housing in Bushey. 

Third Sector and Charity Engagement (Oct 22 – Oct 2023) – Engaging with over 150 organisations across the county and borough, understanding their challenges and ways we can support their growth and expansion. 

Design Charrettes (Jan-April 2023) – Peer review, bringing together respected architects to critique and help shape the emerging design of Heathbourne Green. 

Borough Wide Community Listening (July-August 2023) – Working with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design and Oxford Ageing, as well as door knocking finding out how local residents and business feel about where they live, what they love and what could be improved. 

Health & Community Workshops (Oct 23) – Virtual workshop to understand the need for healthcare provisions in Bushey and the wider Hertsmere community. 

Secondary school students engagement (Nov 2023) – Speaking to 15-18 year olds in Hertsmere to understand the younger generation’s view on ageing and how they feel about growing older in their community. 

We have worked with experts in the field to further understand the national picture with respect to creating an exemplary intergenerational community. 

Trulocom has commissioned best practice research from the country’s leading institutions in the ageing and inclusive design sector to create something extraordinary. Heathbourne Green is a scheme designed around socially connected communities that support healthy ageing and independence. 

‘A guiding principle of Heathbourne Green is the creation of neighbourhood clusters with clear identity and sense of place. The clusters help secure a rich lifestyle and sense of community from the outset’ – Oxford Institute of Population Ageing 

‘Creating connected communities in Heathbourne Green will see spaces designed to serve and stimulate interaction between people in different life stages and with different religions, abilities and socio-economic backgrounds’ – Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design 

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